Poorboy's Super Slick & Foam Snow Foam 946ml


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Makes Washing Safer & More Effective


Poorboys Super Slick Snow Foam uses the same Super Slick polymers that they use in their car wash. To create their snow foam, Poorboys added a specialized blend of surfactants that produces a slick layer of foamy suds that clings as it cleans.......and it works brilliantly.

Apply Super Slick and Foam to the surface and let it soak before you wash your vehicle with a bucket wash by hand. Pre-soaking with a foam gun or foam cannon applies a slick layer of suds that loosens up dirt, grime and road film. All of this before you ever touch your paint with a wash mitt or sponge makes washing your car by hand safer and more effective!

- Produces a slick layer of suds that clings
- Loosens and lifts dirt from the surface
- Provides extra lubrication for wash mitt or sponge
- Rinses freely and leaves no residue behind
Poorboy’s Super Slick & Foam is a foaming pre-soak car wash shampoo that produces a slick layer of foamy suds that clings. Slick & Foam starts your car wash off right by loosening and lifting dirt and grime from the surface. It makes the car wash process safer by providing extra lubrication for your wash mitt. For best results pre-soak vehicle with Super Slick & Foam before you bucket wash with Super Slick & Suds or Super Slick & Wax from Poorboy's World!

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