Poorboy's Spray Air Fresheners 473ml - Various Fragrances


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FREE Spray Head Included
Kills Odours Not Just Masking Them


The Poorboys World Air Freshener is a great way to freshen up your cars interior.

Poorboy's World Air Fresheners are formulated to smell as good as any top line fragrance but with a budget-friendly price. These air fresheners are perfect for any car care enthusiasts or professional detailers who want a nice smelling scent - not an overpowering odour.

Poorboys Air Fresheners are available in the following scents:

- Vanilla
- Cherry
- Green Apple
- Pina Colada
- Leather

This water-soluble spray fragrance will freshen up stale air and will leave your car with a great smelling interior.

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Scent: Cherry