Poorboy's Master Cut 946ml


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Wax & Silicone Free Super Cut Compound


Poorboy's World Master Cut Compound will remove deep swirls, oxidation, most scratches, and overspray. It is designed for use with a rotary or dual action polisher.

Master Cut Compound is approved for use on clear coats, paint, gel coats and glass. It contains no silicone or wax.

Poorboy's World Master Cut Compound is designed for professional detailers, body shops and perfectionists. Master Cut is a fast cutting compound, which has great workability, providing a long working time for easy use. In addition, Poorboys World Master Cut gives little dusting and removing the residue is much easier.

Poorboy's World Master Cut Compound will leave your car with smooth paint and a brilliant shine. Like most compounds, it may leave some slight hazing. We recommend using Poorboy's World SSR2 or Pro Polish to restore a perfect shine that's then ready for waxing.

Designed for body shops, detailer's and perfectionists.
Machine use only. Body Shop Safe. No Fillers
Long work time makes for safe and easy removal of swirls, scratches,oxidation, and over-spray
Use In the sun or the shade

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