Chemical Guys Factory Finish Trim Coating & Protectant For Plastic, Rubber & Vinyl Aerosol


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OEM Factory Finish


Chemical Guys Factory Finish Trim Coating protects, restores, and shines rubber, plastic, and vinyl car parts. The premium aerosol spray coating spreads a crisp factory-fresh shine over grilles, vents, bumper trim, engine bays, window moldings, and more. Factory Finish Trim Coating restores a deep black look to rubber, plastic, and vinyl parts, and protects them against the elements. The innovative sprayable coating finishes dry to the touch with no greasy feel. Harsh UV sunlight and intense heat make plastic and rubber parts fade, look chalky and white, and even crack and break. Special UV blockers in Factory Finish Trim Coating reject UV light like sunscreen for rubber and plastic accessories and trim parts. Moisturizing oils penetrate deep into plastic and rubber pores to nourish and restore a like-new feel and texture. Factory Finish Trim Coating can be used on multiple surfaces, including interior and exterior areas. Simply spray Factory Finish Trim Coating on any clean bumper trim, engine bay, grille, or vent. Leave it to air dry for an extra rich crisp new shine, or wipe off any excess for a more “natural” new look. Choose Factory Finish Trim Coating for a crisp factory-new look on any car, truck, SUV, or RV.

Restore a factory shine in one step
Fine aerosol spray spreads evenly over any rubber, plastic, or vinyl trim surface
Brand new matte shine lasts for weeks
UV blockers shield and protect against future solar damage
Specialty oils penetrate deep to restore a factory-fresh feel
Perfect for low-profile trim, grilles and vents, engine bays, bumper trim, and more

How To Use:
Shake well before using.
Hold the can 5 - 10 inches from the surface and mist an even coat over any clean and dry rubber, plastic, or vinyl part.
Wipe off excess if desired with a clean Microfiber towel.
Leave to air dry for an extra rich look, or wipe off excess for more “natural” crisp shine.

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