Chemical Guys Chemical Resistant Stiffy Brush Blue


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Easily scrubs durable interior and exterior fabric, upholstery, rubber, and plastic
Made with durable synthetic bristles
Eye-catching bright blue bristles
Easily designate blue brush for rubber and plastic only
Rugged plastic handle for years of comfortable use
Abrasion-resistant body
Heavy-duty construction materials
Perfect for cleaning tough carpets, plastic trim pieces, rubber tires, and more


How To Use
For best results, avoid paintwork, sensitive optical plastics, and polished metal surfaces; only clean durable textured plastic, rubber, and fabric materials with the Hardcore Rubber And Plastic Brush.

Use the Hardcore Rubber And Plastic Brush with premium Chemical Guys detailing products, such as NONSENSE All Purpose Cleaner, Lightning Fast Stain Extractor, or Signature Series Orange Degreaser.
Scrub plastic and rubber pieces well, wipe off residue, then treat them with any Chemical Guys premium dressing for enhanced look and UV protection.
Spray down dirty carpets with NONSENSE or Lightning Fast, scrub vigorously, then wipe up and blot leftover cleaner with a premium microfiber towel.

Automobiles are made with a dizzying array of materials with differing textures, finishes, and cleaning requirements. The Chemical Guys Hardcore Rubber And Plastic Brush is the perfect tool for intense scrubbing on carpets, floor mats, tires, textured plastic trim, fender liners, truck beds, and more. The fully synthetic brush scrubs hard to remove tough dirt and grime from durable fabric, plastic, and rubber. The ergonomic plastic handle is scratch and abrasion resistant, and will not damage finishes if accidentally rubbed on the surface. Thick synthetic blue bristles scrub and lift dirt and grime from fabric, plastic, and rubber for a deep-clean luster. Easily scrub and agitate set-in stains and dirt from carpet or rubber floor mats, or clean tires for a superior bond from premium tire shine dressings. Pair the Hardcore Rubber And Plastic Brush with premium Chemical Guys products to clean plastic trim or remove stains from carpet and upholstery. Choose the Chemical Guys Hardcore Rubber And Plastic Brush for powerful scrubbing and cleaning on tough interior and exterior detailing tasks

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