Blueberry Blast Snow Foam 1L


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Blueberry Scented Snow Foam


Blueberry Blast Snow Foam is a pH neutral pre-rinse formula for use with foam lances and foam guns.

It leaves a white blanket of foam over the vehicle that helps to remove dirt and grime away from the paint’s surface prior to shampooing your vehicle. Blueberry Blast Snow Foam is pH neutral and is safe on all paint. This product is normally used at a concentration in the order of 5-1.

To Use with a Snow Foam Lance:

Use 100ml of snow foam with every 500ml of water. Adjust the feed rate to alter the thickness of foam required. Foam the area to be cleaned, leave to dwell for 5 minutes then rinse off.


- Removes dirt prior to shampooing

- pH neutral formula will not strip wax

- Produces a thick clinging snow foam

- Safe on all surfaces and finishes

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