Auto Finesse Clay Bar 200g


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Detailing Clay


The Auto Finesse Detailing Clay Bar comes as a 200g block and is made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay. This structure allows it to be both more effective against contamination, and less abrasive on sensitive paintwork than common polymer clays. It will efficiently remove both organic contamination (tree sap, mineral deposits from rainwater, protein deposits from insects and bird droppings,) and inorganic contamination (light tar and iron deposits, industrial pollution, paint overspray, etc.) on practically any hard surface. Paint, alloy wheels, glass, bright work trim, and even gloss-finish plastics can all benefit from being clayed.

Before claying you should wash and dry your vehicle, and inspect for heavy tar deposits or iron fallout. If these are present it will be necessary to use dedicated tar and iron fallout removers like Auto Finesse ObliTARate, and Auto Finesse Iron Out, before claying. The Auto Finesse Detailing Clay Bar should be used in conjunction with our Glide Clay Bar Lube for a scratch free smooth finish. Once the vehicle is clean and free of heavy tar deposits, rub the clay in straight lines across all surfaces of the car to remove any embedded road grime.

How To Use:
The claying process begins by lubricating the surface. Auto Finesse Glide is perfect for this application, as it was designed to work in conjunction with our detailing Clay Bar. Spray the lubricant liberally onto a surface no larger than 12”by 12” (Approximately 30cm by 30cm) square, and continue to do so periodically throughout the claying process to maintain a wet film.

Start rubbing the clay bar against the lubricated surface using light finger-tip pressure, and gentle, overlapping linear strokes. As you clay, you will be able to both hear and feel the surface getting smoother. Continue claying until the clay bar no longer feels like it is trying to ‘grip’ (this is because it is pulling out contamination), and starts to slide smoothly across the surface. You can now buff off the lubricant residue using a plush Microfiber Towel, and move on to the next section.

Once you have completed claying the vehicle, you can now polish, and or apply a wax or sealant of your choice. The Auto Finesse Clay bar is made from an ultra-fine grade of kaolin clay, which makes it unlikely to cause marring or strip the vehicle’s existing protection. This means that in most cases you proceed directly to waxing or sealing, unless paintwork correction is otherwise necessary. However, on some rare and extremely-sensitive paint finishes, minor marring after mechanical decontamination is inevitable. In these cases you will have to re-polish the paintwork with a mild abrasive cleanser like Auto-Finesse Tripple or Rejuvenate before waxing or sealing to obtain the best possible finish.

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